More Useful Error Messages

Mar 07 2012, 4:25 PM PST · 0 comments »

Earlier today we released a few updates to the CircuitLab editor that we hope will make simulating your circuits a little bit friendlier. We have taken the most common causes of errors and made the editor produce more useful warning messages before you attempt to simulate the circuit.

Specifically, the CircuitLab editor will now warn you if you have duplicated a node or element name, have any disallowed characters in a node or element name, or if one of the numerical parameters does not correctly parse into a number. The new warnings will hopefully help you track down errors faster, so you can focus on designing your circuit.

If your schematic is being only used for display purposes and not for simulation, we continue to allow any characters you wish to insert in any of the fields. The new error and warning messages only affect simulation.

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