Drag, Drop, and Roll!

Mar 08 2012, 7:35 PM PST · 0 comments »

We have added a few features to the CircuitLab GUI that many people have requested. It is now possible to add a circuit element to the grid by clicking and dragging an element out of the Build Box. The old behavior, where you do a full click on an element in the build box and then click where you want to place the element, is also still available.

Some of you also wanted the ability to place a particular element more than once without going back to the Build Box. You can now accomplish this by holding the Shift key before you click on the grid to place an element.

Thanks for all the great feedback. With your continued support we will keep making CircuitLab a better and better tool!

Scheduled Maintenance Tonight (3/07)

Mar 07 2012, 6:10 PM PST · 0 comments »

Update, 3/08/2012 12:40am PT: We're back online and functioning normally.

We will be briefly taking the CircuitLab site down for maintenance later this evening so we can adjust some of our back-end configuration to handle the unexpectedly high demand we've seen for CircuitLab since our public launch.

The maintenance window is currently scheduled for Thursday, 3/08 from 3:00am to 4:00am US Eastern, or midnight to 1:00am US Pacific. We expect to be down for less than an hour.

You can follow CircuitLab on Twitter for status updates.

More Useful Error Messages

Mar 07 2012, 4:25 PM PST · 0 comments »

Earlier today we released a few updates to the CircuitLab editor that we hope will make simulating your circuits a little bit friendlier. We have taken the most common causes of errors and made the editor produce more useful warning messages before you attempt to simulate the circuit.

Specifically, the CircuitLab editor will now warn you if you have duplicated a node or element name, have any disallowed characters in a node or element name, or if one of the numerical parameters does not correctly parse into a number. The new warnings will hopefully help you track down errors faster, so you can focus on designing your circuit.

If your schematic is being only used for display purposes and not for simulation, we continue to allow any characters you wish to insert in any of the fields. The new error and warning messages only affect simulation.

Keep the awesome feedback coming on the Support Forum!

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