CircuitLab Pivots from Circuit Simulation to Online Games

Apr 01 2012, 1:00 AM PDT · 2 comments »

(SAN DIEGO) -- CircuitLab today announced a transition from the field of online circuit simulation to online browser-based games with the launch of “Circuit-oids”, now available at

“Non-linear circuit modeling in the browser was a field we were happy to introduce to the world, but let’s be honest -- it was really hard. When our users started requesting custom behavioral sources and vacuum tube models, we started to realize that building software for the online entertainment market was a much easier technical task,” said Mike Robbins, CircuitLab’s developer of simulation components.

“We were in the middle of writing a new plotting library to give more powerful graphing tools to our users, but at some point we realized that we’d basically written most of a browser-based vector game engine. At that point, pivoting to the Circuit-oids model was a no-brainer,” said Humberto Evans, CircuitLab’s user interface developer. “Our online schematic editor made a lot of users happy, but the gaming angle lets us do that much more directly.”

Circuit-oids can be found at until further notice. If it happens to disappear in the near future, like Monday Morning, the developers suggest that there might be special ways to activate it within the CircuitLab editor.


It is April Fools Day - Right?

by eldonb46
April 01, 2012

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December 08, 2012

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