Coffee Maker fix

I am hoping someone who knows more about electronics than me can help with this! I have a coffee maker that is operating erratically that I really like, plus I HATE throwing away perfectly good appliances that just need a simple fix. From what I have determined, I think the problem is a thermistor used to control the heating element. It is a glass encased thermistor that was covered with a plastic sleeve, inserted into a little heat sink, and then clamped to the side of the heating element tube. Further investigation found a forum that suggests this thermistor acts very much like a Vishay NTCLG100E22245B [220K Ohm] I have read the specs on that thermistor, but it doesn't really help me determine how I could cross reference that p/n to a different one - what are the important specs I would need to ask for at a local electronics store? Or would that part number suffice?

by Microfiche
December 03, 2019

These types of consumer items are designed with built in obsolescence and were never intended for repair when they fail---just go out and buy another. Unfortunately this is the current business model and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

by Foxx
December 06, 2019

Thanks, I understand that model. I am just fighting against it. I picked up some of those thermistors and will see if it works!

by Microfiche
December 06, 2019

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