Socket Adapter for LGA package IC

Hello everyone:

I need to do some experiments with time base generator on breadboard. I have a clocking IC that is ultra-small package size: 2.5mm x 2.0mm 6L LGA for doing the experiments but I have never used such small ICs.

I know there are other ways to implement a time base generator but I am curios about the IC I mentioned.

Could anybody tell me what kind of socket adapter could I use to use the IC on a breadboard?

Thank you in advance for your response

by ic-2
July 04, 2021

There are PCB which allows to extend surface mount chips to a pass-through pin, for breadboard fast prototyping as example. I don't know if this is what you need for your specific case, though, since I don't know the exact nature of your specific chip. See for an example.

by vanderghast
July 05, 2021

Thank you for your reply.
The IC I have does not have overlapping pin. The pins are 6 dots under the IC which is very small as I mentioned in my post. Here is the link to the item I am talking about. If you know which adapter it needs please let me know.

by ic-2
July 05, 2021

That seems to be a surface mount. And thus, the PCB boards (the second, top left) from the previous reference should do. As end result, you coud obtain something that will look like here (from Analog Devices site, the picture just illustrate the arrangement) :

Note that you will have to weld the IC to the middle "tracks" and weld the peripheral pins too, for an insertion into a breadboard. The PCB just internally "wire" the SMD pads, in its middle, to the outside pins positions.

If you have digital clips probes, you can avoid the external peripheral pins by using the clips, grabbing the holes with the fine digital clip grabber. But using pins will make the whole much physically "secured" in place, on a breadboard.

by vanderghast
July 05, 2021

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