Capacitor voltage and uf value

I would like some help Pls, I need to install a capacitor between an amplifier board with 12 V DC / 60 watts and a Mini Piezoelectric Tweeter. What voltage and value shall I use for the capacitor ? Thank You.

by Lumerc
September 25, 2020

Without further details, I would say that in general, we see cap from 2.2 to 10uF for that purpose. As for the voltage, as high as you can find for the given space you have to fit it. Film capacitors are generally more stable versus temperature (avoid old ceramic ones, and probably multi-layers ceramic ones too).

by vanderghast
September 27, 2020

1 Answer

Answer by Lumerc

@Vanderghast, Thank you for your reply. Since electronics is not my field, I am getting all the information from the internet. What I need is a delay of a couple of seconds between the mentioned amplifier and the tweeter, is it possible with just installing a capacitor ? Your reply will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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by Lumerc
September 27, 2020

You may get a delay of a milli-second at most with a simple capacitor in series.

I don't think of any analog solution which would delay a random signal by a couple of seconds, kind of writing it somewhere in order to read it later on.

The capacitor, for a tweeter, is generally used to eliminate the low frequencies which would be outputted by a bass or by a subwoofer, but not through the tweeter. But I am not a specialist of high fidelity sound equipment.

by vanderghast
September 28, 2020

Thank you for your comment, the sound is being generated from a ultrasonic generator which is adjustable from 10 khz - 45k khz, when the generator is set on max, It still gives out a hissing sound for a half a second when it's switched on. Again, thanks.

by Lumerc
September 28, 2020

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