Impedance dickson multiplier

Hello, Can someone help me in regards to calculating the impedance of a dickson multiplier? It consists of Capacitors of 3.3 pF and 2850 shottky diodes. They can be assumed ideal. It consists of 7 stages, followed by a load consisting of a capacitor of 100pf and a resistor of 499 Ohm. Thank you very much for any help.

by sgerber25
January 12, 2021

The diode 1N2850 is not a Schottky diode but a germanium diode. Maybe that is not important though.

You would have to define if this is the impedance between Vin and the external load, or Vout and the external load. In the last case, the Dickson multiplier (in fact, an adder) is just a source and does not contribute to the impedance itself. Remove it by a standard source and compute the impedance as usual, in that case. You need the frequency, in theory, and it may be an advanced math. computation if you require a great precision and Vin versus the load as the relevant "impedance".

You can try to simulate the circuit. Note that such a circuit requires some time to enter in its "steady flow", which may require a lot of computation time to reach it. Maybe a century or two, with setting by default, on some standard Spice simulators. Try with fewer stages first, if you want my advice.

by vanderghast
January 16, 2021

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