trouble shooting

I have a kitchen light with no power going to the switch, I checked the breaker and I have 120v but he kitchen outlets show a open fault with tester what could the problem be?

by hnorthern
August 17, 2018

Did this happen suddenly? Like overnight? Is it the right breaker? Is your house as built? Or modified?

by mikerogerswsm
August 18, 2018

1 Answer

Answer by Foxx

If this circuit has been working in the past but suddenly is not, the basic wiring must be ok. This leaves a bad connection as the probable problem. Check the connection to the breaker and neutral bar and the connections in each box in the circuit to make sure they are tight and watch for any one which appears to have been hot. If any connection to a receptacle or switch is a push-in type without a screw replace the receptacle or switch with a screw type. I have seen these open up with no visible indication.

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by Foxx
August 21, 2018

There is also the possibility that the house wiring was modified at some past date and an additional fusebox added. This happened to us. The wiring was modified to add water heating and the extra fusebox was hidden high up in the larder. Okay until a fuse blew.

by mikerogerswsm
August 22, 2018

I see your point. This comes close to a "concealed" box which is against the code where I live.

by Foxx
August 22, 2018

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