Current Feedback Op-Amp

Is there a current feedback operational amplifier such as the AD844 that could be included ?

by cfoa
September 20, 2020

1 Answer

Answer by mrobbins

Figure 28 of the AD844 datasheet provides an equivalent schematic. You can implement this easily as something like this:

You can copy and paste this into your own circuit. For example, let's try to replicate Figure 29, the inverting amplifier:

Run this one and check out the frequency domain simulation. This confirms the 3rd-to-last entry in Table 3 of the datasheet, showing a gain of -10 and a bandwidth of 33 MHz.

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by mrobbins
September 21, 2020

Appreciate the answer, however since the circuits I need to simulate require many of these i need it as a building block. It appears to me that this is not possible with circuitlab. Am I correct there?

by cfoa
September 22, 2020

Correct. Copy & paste is the easiest way forward.

You could also probably simplify the internal model if that helped. For example, the low-pass action of Rt and Ct could get bundled into BUF2, switching out CCCS1 for a CCVS.

by mrobbins
September 22, 2020

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