What is the max current input for 7555 cbaz IC max amp

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what the max input current for a 7555 cbaz IC is

On the data sheet it says 2 to 18 v and low input current of 20pa (not sure what this measure is in terms of amps).

I just need to know what the max Amp input is so I don't fry the IC

Data sheet link https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/ICM7555.pdf

by Rhine
July 02, 2022

This 7555 cbaz is the plain old 555 timer used all over the place. Stay within the data sheet max input values for volts and you should not have much trouble. Those "pa" ratings on inputs are given more to tell you what load the input will present to whatever device is feeding it, not what you must supply and these loads are very small. "pa" means "picoamp" and 1 pa is one millionth of one millionth of an ampere; a very small current. Just for reference, "milli" means 1/1000, "micro" means 1/1000 of a milli, "nano" means 1/1000 of a micro and "pico" means 1/1000 of a nano. I hope this doesn't thoroughly confuse you.

by Foxx
July 02, 2022

In addition to Mr. Foxx's comment, those currents are the minimum current required to "trigger" the functionality of some pins. They are so low, they can be forgiven, unless you are really concerned about optimizing the possible quiescent total current of your overall circuit. (The old 555 chip is not known to be energy friendly, which reputation that the 7555 tries to improve.)

by vanderghast
July 05, 2022

OK, your "trigger" explanation for inputs is more definitive than mine

by Foxx
July 06, 2022

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