Voltage regulator with 6v solar panels

Hi All,

I have two 6v solar panels connected in parallel when its peak sun they produce about 7v and 94 mAhs , but when they are indoors they produce about 3v and even drop lower sometimes.

So given the variance in voltage I have decided to connect them to this USB 5v boost converter link below


that produces a stable 5v output the problem is that the input of this boost converter is 0.9v to 5v so given that sometimes the solar panels can produce 7volts what would be the best way to set up a voltage regulator so that no more then 5 volts from the solar panels passes to the boost converter but the regulator should also not stop less the 5v from reaching the boost converter.

thank you kindly for any advice.

by Rhine
April 11, 2021

I would simply add a 5v zener diode across the solar panel output. Since a solar panel normally has a fairly high internal series resistance it probably does not need an external resistor. Just what do you mean by "94mAhs" ? This unit, mAh applies to a battery which stores energy and dies eventually but a solar panel keeps supplying energy as long as it is illuminated so milliampere hours keeps accumulating as long as it is illuminated.

by Foxx
April 24, 2021
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