Possible to hook up 3x 12V, .5A cooling fans to a single 12V, 2A power supply? SOLVED

For any question on why am I asking this, well, it's basically just to save on the number of power points I'd need to plug in three basic cooling fans. This is just to basically blow air to the plants for an indoor hydroponic system. I'd really appreciate anyone's help on this. Much thanks in advance.

by ngy_gemini
October 14, 2020

1 Answer

Answer by vanderghast

The 3 resistors are placeholders for the fans. ( 24 ohm * 0.5 A = 12 V ). You can check that the total current from the voltage source is, indeed, 1.5 A, less than the 2 A available from the source.

Neither the voltage neither the current across a fan is modified is another fan is removed or stop working (by opening its circuit path). You should add a fuse in case that one of the fan creates a short, in order to protect the source and to not overheat the cabling.

ACCEPTED +1 vote
by vanderghast
October 15, 2020

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer this question - even to the extent of making a diagram... You've really been of great help!

by ngy_gemini
October 15, 2020

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