Reading 5 banded resistors


Am a total newb to this hobby.

I can't add a photo of the resistor we obtain but here is the link to the photos

From research we know it is a 5 band resistor. Problem is...

1) Which way is the correct direction to read the bands from? 2) It is so tiny that I can barely tell the difference in colour from blue, black, gold and orange...

It will be great if someone could leave a comment on the photos or respond here in kind so I won't fry the bread board.

by zekelee
November 08, 2020

By turning the photo of the bandolier upside down, I was able to convince myself that the Brown-Orange gap at one end is ever-so-slightly wider than the Brown-Black gap at the other end. However, manufacturing tolerances here are not on the side of human eyesight!

So, my guess is that the Orange band is the 10's multiplier, not one of the resistor's 3-significant figures: 100k ohms 1% (not 130 ohms 1%).

If this is not what you do already, try and read these colour bands in daylight or by incandescent lamp, both broad spectrum visible light. "White" LEDs are usually blue + yellow and the two-peak spectrum can mislead the human eye's colour judgement.

by EF82
November 10, 2020

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