Powers on but no signal

PlayStation Pro powers on normally, without any light/beep errors, no signal ever comes. Tried different HDMI Cables, diff TV and also Safe mode (double beep), no success, signal refuses to show up. The incident: Had a thunderstorm before that, where the Internet services got interrupted, therefore the Internet TV Decoder stopped receiving signal (including normal Internet service). TV turned off for safety measures, and after 1h where the internet service came back, all the devices that were connected to the TV are not working properly anymore. (Playstation, Blu-ray player, decoder) including the TV, which throws a blinking red light error and turns on for 2-3 seconds, where the self diagnosis check recognizes there's an error and turns off again (blinking red light). Any clues as to what might be with the Playstation pro? Usually when there's GPU related malfunctions, the console plays certain beeps/show different lights, as a troubleshoot error mechanism.

by SavvasR
January 17, 2021

I suggest that you contact your insurances. The distributiors of electricity are generally not reliable, legally, against overtension. As for the failure itself, it can be any component, probably in the rectifier circuit (the circuit converting the AC from the outlet, to DC usable inside the device). Trying to repair this part can be dangerous, not to say deadly, if you are unfamiliar with the circuit.

by vanderghast
January 18, 2021

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