Old 3-connector capcitor replacement


I need to replace a capacitor from an old sewing machine footpedal. The full writing on it says:

0,05 µF
+ 2 x 1000pF(b)rot
250 V~
-50° / +100°
F 1175

2 black leads come out of one end, one red lead out of the other. It's one and a quarter inches long, and just under half in inch diameter.

The red lead was connected to ground, the black leads to each of the output pins

I think that means that it's 0.05µF between the 2 black leads, and 1000pF between the red lead and each of the black leads.

I have 3 questions:

1 - Is my analysis of the relative capacitance between the leads correct?

2- Do equivalents of this exist any more?

3- If I can't find an equivalent, can I just make up a triangle of 2 x 1000pF and one 0.05µF as an equivalent?

Thanks a lot,


[edited to change question 3, and my suggested solution]

by OPBoot
July 17, 2021

It can be a special topology to accomodate AC voltage (hint, the tilde for the voltage spec), or it can be a mini filter, such as if you search Internet for "murata 3 terminal capacitor".

Could not find any info about a company name EROID, but maybe you could be luckier looking for the sewing machine maker.

by vanderghast
July 18, 2021

Thanks for the response!

I found a photo of a very similar cap, which acutally had the schematic I described printed on the outside, so it seems that they do (or did) exist. So...

  • given that it seems to be only a power smoothing cap,

  • and I've tested the sewing machine with the cap completely removed and it runs fine,

I've ordered some individual caps and will give it a go.

Yeah - I did ask a forum specifically for this machine, but they're sewing people rather than electronics people, it seems :-)

by OPBoot
July 18, 2021

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