Similar Input, multiple output?

New here....very basic knowledge and this may not be possible. I will explain what I'm doing and maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

I am adding to a busy board for my child. Picture this, a row of a Red, Blue, and Yellow lights with 1/4" female jacks underneath them. About 6" below that you have a Red, Blue and Yellow cable with 1/4" male jacks. So the simple concept, that I already know how to do is to plug the corresponding colored cable into the colored jack and voila it completes the circuit and the light comes on. I want to get ambitious where if you plug the yellow cable into the red jack an orange light comes on for mixing colors. Is this even possible with just basic circuitry? Or do I need to move into something like an Arduino? I would like to keep it just simple circuits, But not opposed to it either way. I just cant even seem to get off on the right foot on if this is possible. My fall back plan is to use like a cat6 connector and do the same thing but have the multiple wires. does any of this make since to anyone? Thanks

by msharitt
July 02, 2019

1 Answer

Answer by Foxx

This is pretty ambitious for simply switching wires around. Why not look into using an Arduino or other sequencer such as the Adafruit Trinket and get your coloured lights by using the RGB Neopixels available from Adafruit. This way you can make the same light come up with many different colours as controlled by the sequencer in response to pushbuttons, switches, plugs, etc on the inputs to the sequencer. Read up on the neopixel at and turn loose your imagination

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by Foxx
July 24, 2019

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