Design a circuit that will multiply BCD

Hi all.I couldnt solve this question.I tried something but i dont have any idea.Can u help me please.Thank you.

Design a circuit that will multiply BCD ( Binary Coded Deciamal code) numbers which are between 0-9 with 10 (ten). Use an inverting output (4-10) Decoder. (Note: if input is 3 in BCD, output must be 3x10=30 in BCD)

by mehmet23
June 02, 2021

Since a single BCD digit is on 4 bits, assuming it is part of an unsigned number, if I undersand correctly, multiplying by 10 is a matter to insert a zero, four bits all at zero, in the least significant position. So, if you start with an uint8_t:

0 0 0 0 a b c d

with any a, b, c and d in { 0 , 1 }, but representing a valid BCD number ( 8a+4b+2c+d <= 9 )

you try to end up with

a b c d 0 0 0 0 or a number stored on two BCD digits.

If I am right, there is no need to anything else than ... plain wires.

I am probably wrong, though, since it would be so ... simple.

by vanderghast
June 05, 2021

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