6V Battery Charger

Hi. I'm by no means an electronics expert, just a Dad with a problem :) So please help ! My son's radio controlled car - which he loves - needed a fresh battery pack. It is 5 x 1.2V AA cells in series. However I used higher mAh cells 2500mAh for longer run time. The charger that came with the toy is only 6V 250mAh, as the original battery pack was much lower mAh. It is struggling to charge the new pack I made, gets quite hot and the pack does not charge. What spec charger do I need, and where can one purchase these things, possibly online ? Thanking you in advance ;)

by Allenk
July 01, 2020

I use a LiitoKala (https://www.banggood.com/Liitokala-Lii-402-Micro-USB-DC-5V-4Slot) and an Energizer NiMH charger (I bought it at a Canadian Tire). The first one recognize many type of battery, automatically, while the later is specialized for NiHM batteries AA and AAA size only.

Your charger may get hot because it is for the wrong batteries types only (NiMH, Lithium, or some older technology of rechargeable batteries) and use an inappropriate mode/sequencing/amperage/voltage.

by vanderghast
July 03, 2020

Thank you so much ! I will definitely follow your links, and your advice makes sense. Yes the new batteries I used to make the pack are NiMH, so the charger was probably for NiCD batteries. I appreciate.

by Allenk
July 04, 2020

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