Power distribution for IOT project


I am working on an IOT project where I need to wire to the mains 30-250 sensors that operate at 3.7 or 5V and consume about 50-150mW. I have tried looking everywhere but I have not been able to find a solution. The option of designing my own power distribution board has crossed my mind but this needs to get certified if I want it in production. Are there any off the shelf certified components? Only things I can find are quad copter boards.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

by andreih
February 04, 2019

To get rational answers for this you will have to include some sort of system specification. Do you want a design for 50 or 150 sensors? Is the design loading to be 50mw per sensor, or 150mw per sensor or 50mw total or 150mw total? Is the design to be for two circuits, one at 3.7v and one at 5v or something else?
Perhaps a panel of a bunch of 120v or 240v commercial receptacles with the appropriate wall
wart power supplies, one for each IOT device plugged in would work for you. Right now you are at the system design level so you will have to design the power supply and distribution system then look for components.

by Foxx
February 09, 2019

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