How to delete a signal

Hello!I have a construction with two coils,of a transmitter and a receiver one next to the other and at a distance of 1 meter between them. A 1volt signal is induced in the receiver coil by the transmitter. My problem is that I have to completely turn off the 1volt signal on the receiver because I have to make a big boost to get the signal from a metal target that I have in front of the receiver coil. Any idea? Thank you for your time and best regards!!!

by Christos7
January 04, 2021

Using an OpAmp? If you can get the "1 volt (peak-to-peak) " alone and the "1 volt + signal of interest", you can use an opAmp to subtract these two "inputs".

As example, maybe you can place an antenna (probe) close to the signal to get, with the 1 volt added to it, and another antenna "far" away, so you get more or less just the 1 volt (variable) signal, simply because the antenna is too far from what you are interested to but still able to capture almost the same "noice" of 1 volt. And if the two "one volt" thingies are not exactly equal, you can probably "amplify" one just enough before you add, sorry, subtract, them. It may be touchy, but at first glance, there are cases where it could be possible to do it like that.

You can also use filters, active or not, but those remove "both" signal for some frequencies. That is usable if the one volt signal is at a much higher frequency than the signal of interest, but not the other way around (generally).

by vanderghast
January 05, 2021
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