step response concerns: 0 Resistance LC circuit

I have been putting the solver through it’s paces and ran into a concern. Right now, I am trying to do a step response with the time domain solver. My circuit is an ideal DC voltage source of 1V, an inductor of 16uH 0ohm esr, and a capacitor of 31uF 0ohm esr all in series. In the Time Domain solver I select “skip initial” for step response, choose a time duration and resolution, and pick the Vout of the capacitor. When I run the solver, the graph has a dampened oscillation that quickly converges to the DC input voltage. So my concern is the graphed function rings initially as it should, but since there is no specified resistance anywhere in my circuit, where is the dampening coming from? This time domain graph should just ring infinitely.

by didion.jake
June 28, 2019

I tried this and got the same result which I find puzzling. Perhaps the answer is "don't try to use 0 esr"

by Foxx
July 20, 2019

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