45 degree wires and components

Hey guys I have an assignment due tonight, I have to draw a circuit that was given to us. In the circuit voltage components and wires are at a 45 degree angle. I'm new to circuit lab and haven't a clue how to do it if you could help me that would be great. Thanks in advance!

by fudge_finn
November 06, 2013

also have this problem would be a great help if someone could explain?

by jmelectronics
November 06, 2013

I don't think you can.

Angled arrows: yes.

Angled wires: no.

by signality
November 06, 2013

Do you really need to draw angled wires?

by signality
November 06, 2013

That's correct -- CircuitLab only draws horizontal and vertical wires. We did add a few 45-degree schematic components that are useful in some situations, but only resistors/capacitors/diodes.

by mrobbins
November 06, 2013

I'm drawing a monostable multivibrator, and it really helps with the angled wires in order to make it look neat. Do you plan on adding this in the near future? (edits in Paint doesn't come out all too well)

by whatsup
November 15, 2013

Missing angle wire cause me to cancel my subscription.

by zhanghongce
November 02, 2017

I can't see why it matters. Bridge rectifiers and multivibrators may be drawn with angled wires to show symmetry, but could equally be drawn in cartesian form.

by mikerogerswsm
December 24, 2017

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