View Movement Issue under MacOS w/ Chrome

Trying out CircuitLab under OS X Lion, with Chrome build 121963, attempting to move the view by holding ctrl brings up the context menu. This provides a major annoyance under larger projects. This issue is caused regardless of modifier key settings.

Perhaps scroll-wheel down should be the modifier instead?

by LolrusPL
February 28, 2012

This is definitely an issue with Macs, and I would love some feedback as to how to best solve it. I don't want to do scroll wheel down because this would not help users using a trackpad. Is there some solution that you see often for scrolling around web-apps that would feel natural to a mac user?

Note that you can click on the Move button on the bottom left of the screen to get to the same functionality. It is not as convenient, but it is currently possible to pan around your circuits on a mac.

by hevans
February 28, 2012

Ah, I stated scroll-wheel as a solution as it is what I am used to using within EagleCad, but you are right in wanting to preserve usability for trackpads.

Perhaps by pining the component and simulate windows to the side, one could add scrollbars that dynamically resize to the project?

Another possibility is, pinned under the aforementioned windows, a 'navigator' overview akin to photoshop. This would prove a useful tool for larger layouts.

Is the shift-key out of question? I'm not sure about the web-safeness of certain modifier keys. And is it impossible to disable the context menu within the page?

To be frank, I'm pretty new to the Mac world and I don't use many applications with X-Y scrolling, and if I do I tend to 'jump-in and out' by using the zoom function. (Both in eagle and photoshop).

I'd also like to take the chance to thank you for developing this tool. The days of struggling with Falstad are over!

by LolrusPL
February 28, 2012

I should add, In most OSX apps I simply use my two fingered scroll for navigation, be it a spreadsheet or image editor. That would be preffered, but would get annoying on other platforms.

by LolrusPL
February 29, 2012

The command key can now be used to pan around your circuits on Macs. Command + mouse drag should behave the same way as Control + mouse drag without triggering the right-click menu.

We have also made a few other changes that should make using CircuitLab on Macs more friendly.

by hevans
March 01, 2012

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