Mac-Friendly Keyboard Shortcuts

Mar 01 2012, 12:44 AM PST · 0 comments »

Good news! The CircuitLab editor now supports the use of the Command key for the common keyboard shortcuts instead of requiring the Control key.


We want CircuitLab to feel as much like a desktop application as possible for all of our users, so since launch our programmers have been working to resolve a few of the issues Mac OS X users were encountering with our interface. The keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Select All, and Save can now be triggered by using the Command key, which should feel more natural for Mac users instead of having to reach for the Control key.

In addition, panning around a circuit can now be done with Command + mouse drag, instead of using Control + mouse drag which will trigger a right click menu on Macs.

Mac users can also now delete selected items with the Delete key on their keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Linux users should remain unaffected. Check out the updated full list of keyboard shortcuts.


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