Keyboard Shortcuts

ActionShortcutShortcut (Mac)
Save AsCtrl+Shift+S⌘+Shift+S
Rotate ClockwiseRR
Rotate Counter-clockwiseShift+RShift+R
Flip HorizontallyHH
Flip VerticallyVV
Zoom InCtrl +⌘ +
Zoom OutCtrl -⌘ -
Select AllCtrl+A⌘+A
Select NoneCtrl+Shift+A⌘+Shift+A

Other Shortcuts

  • Hold Ctrl (⌘ on Macs) and click and drag on the grid to pan around a circuit.
  • Middle mouse button click and drag on the grid to pan around a circuit.
  • The mouse wheel zooms in and out.
  • While in simulate mode, double click on the grid to jump back to build mode.
  • Press F5 to re-run the currently selected simulation.
  • When in build mode, press '/' (forward slash) to jump to the toolbox search.
  • Press Alt to disable the smart wires auto-selection functionality.

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