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Hi, I'm new to CircuitLab, and I love what I see so far. I have one question though. What are the (k) and (pP) values used in controlled sources for? What I'm trying to do is set up a circuit (a voltage source and a voltage controlled current source) where the current of the controlled source is defined as half the voltage of voltage source.

An simple example circuit with a controlled source would be most appreciated. Thanks. :)

by AeroAssassin000
September 01, 2012


Welcome to CL.

k is the 'gain' of the controlled source. It's V/V for a voltage controlled voltage source (VCVS); V/A (Ohms) for a current controlled voltage source (CCVS); A/A for a current controlled current source (CCCS) and A/V (Siemens) for a voltage controlled current source.

pP is the node of the circuit that you wish to use as the controlling voltage or the node of the component through which you wish to use the current as the controlling variable. Note that the sign of the controlling current is reversed between opposite ends of the same component (current flows into one end and out of the other).

This might help:

Have a look at how the plots in the above example reflect the parameters and values used in the k and pP value boxes (Double click on the components or 'Right click > Edit Parameters' to see them.

by signality
September 02, 2012

Thank you so much for the clarification. :)

by AeroAssassin000
September 02, 2012

These might help too:

by signality
September 05, 2012

Where can I find a syntax for pP parameter of CCVS ?

by m237b
June 12, 2013

If you take the time to carefully read this thread, you'll find that the answer to your question is already given in this example:


by signality
June 13, 2013

In fact, there is only reference of what pP is not the way you inject (and how you inject) values in there. Example you mentioned has already some value in pP field but doesn't explain how you get it. Played with it for a while and found a way: which is not described in this thread.

by m237b
June 13, 2013


With respect, you asked for the syntax of the value, not how to enter a value.

The example quoted shows the syntax.

This post in this thread also describes how to enter a value:

The general procedure for editing parameters is also described here:

and in here:

Had you not understood that the white boxes to the right of each of the parameter names are user editable?

by signality
June 13, 2013

If I want a current controlled source to produce a current 8 times larger than the current passing through a branch which contains no elements, what should I type in the Pp box?

by scheiero
October 23, 2017

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