Printing Circuit - wire crossings

Hey Community, when printing out my Circuit I quite often get those strange Symbols when wires are crossing and I have no Idea how to change that symbol back to a normal crossing. Is that a feature or a bug? You can hopefully reproduce by just making a Crossing with two wires without connecting them. I'm having those Problems in Safari and Chrome on Mac OSX


by mt14063
March 06, 2016

how are you printing? are you clicking: File > Print/Export PDF? Also what do the wire crossings look like on your browser model?

by Garrett
March 07, 2016

Yes, I'm using the way you described. It doesn't matter how I print it, this crossing appears in the pdf, the png and all the other printing functions.. In my browser model I can see it the way it should be, one straight cable and the other one forms a little bridge above it.

by mt14063
March 07, 2016

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