How to successfully import a SPICE model

Hi, I have been trying to import a SPICE model for a particular FET, found here

Part number: C2M0025120D as found in the zip file.

Opened the file using Notepad, and copied/pasted the contents (which looked sensible) into the correct CircuitLab import box. When I clicked on Import though, I was given an error as follows:

ERROR: Can't reduce to a single Model line

What does this mean and how do I rectify it. Note I am no newbee to electronic design however this is the first time I am trying to use/import SPICE models into a simulator.

Thanks for the assistance, and well done on a pretty remarkable service that makes simulation affordable for many people/companies like me.

by Evroy
November 21, 2014

Hi Signality,

thank you for the most informative response, and taking the time to review in detail the format of the Cree SPICE model files. I have heard/read about simulations using SPICE models for many years, and assumed this was some form of generic standard established many years ago for the simulation of electrical/electronic components. It appears that "standard" is too broad a term in this instance.

Slightly off key here, but it appears that many component parameters are missing from the devide model window (which I presume are covered by the SPICE model). For example, transistor propagation delay/Rise time/Fall time etc. Am I correct in assuming that the only way to correctly model these parameters is through the SPICE model importing option, or are there plans to expand on the parameters entered in this window?

I would prefer to stick with Circuit Lab for now as (A) I have paid for it and (B) I have spent several days familiarizing myself with the service. It is a shame that Circuit Lab does not support the type of SPICE model that I am attempting to use here, but then I know too little about modelling protocol to really comment here.

Do you (or anybody else for that matter) know whether Circuit Lab will support SPICE models other than the .model type in future? Perhaps I will list it in the feature request forum.

by Evroy
November 22, 2014


Yes, there are subtle variations in spice syntax depending on the "flavour" of spice your running your simulations on.

Bear in mind that CL is not spice: it is a rewritten from scratch simulator. What there is of it seems reasonable. Some of it is excellent but there's a huge amount of what you can do in spice not implemented in CL.

Posting a feature request might help.

In the meanwhile, this thread might be of some use:


by signality
November 22, 2014

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