Is is possible to design and simulate circuits on breadboard instead of the workbench/workspace. If yes, could someone show me how? Thanks for your help.

by larrylydia
February 11, 2015

Simulation is just that: simulation of components and circuits - i.e. a virtual circuit - in a computer.

You cannot simulate a virtual circuit on a real breadboard or PCB. Building a circuit on a breadboard or PCB is building a prototype of a real circuit.

That is not simulation.

If you wish to simulate building a circuit on a breadboard or a PCB then you must add parasitic elements such as stray capacitances, trace and mutual inductances, trace resistances and transmission line elements to simulate the effects of a real breadboard or PCB.

Does that answer your question?

If not, then please explain more about what you would like to do.

by signality
February 12, 2015

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