Issue with basic transients and switches...

I can make it work for some circuits, but many of my circuits with switches either return no data or show a plot with nothing on it. I assume I'm using things wrong, but would really appreciate it if someone could show me how to do these kind of circuits correctly.

by Rilay93
May 10, 2021

If I were studying transients I would use an ac voltage source set to generate a square wave then hook the RC, RL, LC or RLC circuit to it. Trying to use a simple switch to generate a transient is pretty much a lost cause because you have to set it open or closed in "BUILD" although it may be very useful in selecting which circuit to test (RC, RL, etc) before running the simulation. You learn this stuff by thinking it through then experimenting to check your thinking so good luck.

by Foxx
May 11, 2021

@Rilay93 I found two issues:

  1. The right subcircuit did not have any ground.
  2. For both I1 and I3, there was no path for the current to flow in one of the switch states.

I added a ground and flipped around SW3 and SW5 so that in either switch position there would always be a path for the current to flow. Now your circuit simulates:

Though I'm not sure whether that's what you intended.

by mrobbins
May 11, 2021

Sort of. The arrangement I had is the last attempt of many. In this instance of the issue I've been trying to simulate the circuits seen here:

I'm pretty sure the issues come from the fact that the switches have to be connected at all points. How would you go about recreating the circuits using switches? Thanks for the response, by the way.

by Rilay93
May 11, 2021

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