Digital Clock Primitive Remains Low

Hello, I am a hobbyist and am having trouble with the digital clock component which I am attempting to use to test a CMOS circuit. I am using Version 43.0.2357.81 m of Google Chrome. The circuit is here:

When running the test I found that the voltage node at the output of the clocks and the input of the circuit remained low. I moved the clocks to output to resistors and the clock output remained low. This can be seen when running the time-domain simulation with the currently-configured parameters: 10 s simulation, 0.2 s step (I also ran the simulation with a 0.01 s step and obtained the same results). I have used the same test configuration on similar public circuits and it worked there.

by DanielHM
June 05, 2015

Looks like there's an unreported error in your schematic. If you delete everything except the 3 digital sources and their resistors then the sim runs OK.

It might be partly due to the lower set of 12 MOSFETs not having any supply or ground connections: just connections to the gates.

CL is probably having a hissy fit and has taken its bat home.

If adding the relevant supplies or at least some DC paths to ground via high value resistors, try submitting this as a Bug Report.

by signality
June 05, 2015

You're absolutely right. I had not put in one of the voltage rails.

by DanielHM
June 05, 2015

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