Numbering Component Pins on Schematics

New here, and just starting. I'm initially using Circuitlab to draw numbers of CMOS logic gates hooked together for a home alarm system. I can't find a way to label the pin numbers on the individual gates. Example: I'm using a 4093 Nand IC. It has 4 discrete gates. When I drag them onto the worksheet is automatically assigns them NAND1, NAND2, NAND3, NAND4. However, when I lash up the real circuit with real components, & am trouble shooting off the printed schematic, it would be nice to have the IC pin numbers on the schematic. I could add them by hand with a 0.4 fine ink felt pen, after printing, but it would be nice if it this info was included on the original schematic.

Many thanks !

by bennetk
May 19, 2016

This sounds familiar, when I use an opamp and I have to look at the symbol in CL then the symbol to IC pin on some where else. There is a free text option so you could manually put the pin number near the symbol; it the best I have.

by Garrett
May 20, 2016

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