Transformer simulation

Hi, I am having a hard time understanding the simulation results of this stepdown T/F. I am giving the primary an input voltage RMS of 8600V, T/F turns ratio 25:1 with R_prim=0.1ohm and L_prim=0.1H. The R_sec = 0.1ohm and R_load is 100ohm. When I calculate the current through the primary it should be 8600/((sqrt(R_prim^2+L_prim^2)+(R_load*(turnsratio^2)) ,that's 3.439 but it appears that the secondary current that is in the simulation says RMS 3.44A and primary current as RMS 382.6A which I don't understand why. Even when I divide 3.44/382.6 is not equal to the turns ratio in the equation. The secondary voltage in the simulation is however correct which is RMS 344V (8600/25). Am I missing anything here. Pl advice.

Circuit below

by archsada
July 03, 2018

huh...when i simulate that exact circuit i get zero volts everywhere...

by Demoniak
July 23, 2018

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