I was wondering how you would use the LDR (light dependent resistor) or photo resistor in a simulation. I see there is only a resistance setting, not a range of light to dark resistance. What are the characteristics of this device in CL that sets it apart from using a pot or something else to simulate an LDR? Would you "sweep" a resistance and if so, how do you do that?

Thanks in advance!!!


by doctorwhen
September 02, 2014

You could "sweep" through resistances with the 'DC Sweep' simulation option. From that you could linear, logarithmic, or custom sweep through resistances and test currents or voltages.

If you want to get more technical you could make a 'Parameter Element' represents light intensity and the resulting resistance could be a complex function of that parameter, depending on the intensity to resistance characteristics.

by Garrett
September 02, 2014

Thanks for your reply Garret, it makes sense. While on the subject of components, any idea why CL does not simulate Triacs, SCR's, etc? Not that SCR's are that popular but people use triacs often.

by doctorwhen
September 02, 2014

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