Solving for Unknown voltages #1

Here's the name of my first novice file Unknown Voltages #1

I also know that the voltage ab = 10, but don't know how to input this expression. I used Vab=10, but it doesn't parse

Can CircuitLab solve for voltage ac? V2? V3? I edited x for the voltage at V2 and y for the voltage at V3.

I wold rally appreciated assistance in this circuit?

Unknown Voltages #1

by bruce5
August 31, 2014

@ bruce5,

Welcome to CL.

Sorry but your circuit will not simulate because you cannot place voltage sources in parallel.

Think about what would happen if you were to do this with real batteries.



You need to specify very clearly what circuit you are trying to solve and then draw it carefully in CL.

by signality
August 31, 2014

Thanks for your reply. You're right; something will overheat, boil and maybe explode. Also, I could have asked myself 'Why do this?' before putting the question. I'll do more desk work first. and work on other CL problems. Resolved.

by bruce5
August 31, 2014

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