Studying HV circuit


I build hornet zapper in real life (in order to protect bees) and I need to prove that my circuit is harmless though it uses high voltage.

Here is a try :

Is that possible to use the simulator to study this type of circuit based on an oscillator and voltage multipliers ? Thank you.

Kind regards, Marc

by marcapi
December 26, 2015


You can use CL to simulate you circuit.

Simulating oscillators can take a lot of time so once you have established that the oscillator starts up and can drive the voltage multiplier, you may want to think about modelling the oscillator just as a sinewave source.

Also, search CL for oscillator startup and initial conditions for tips on how to get oscillators to startup properly.


by signality
December 28, 2015

Thank you ! Marc

by marcapi
January 20, 2016

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