Total Resistance

Is there a way to config the setting in circuit lab to give you the RT in the circuit?

by riley1234198
October 27, 2021

Good question. Here's another; why hasn't it been answered?

That'd make a good feature. I know it's easy to work out yourself especiallly if you're the one ho designed the circuit but it'd be very easy to implement.

by Microk
February 08, 2022

Depending on the circuit, it may be easy enough to do with a voltage source and a DC analysis.

See this example:

By using the+ Add Expression button on the DC analysis, we can calculate resistance of the network by dividing Voltage of source V1 by Current into R1:


CircuitLab is smart enough to know that the units are Ω when you divide a voltage by a current.

The answer in this case is 395Ω.

BTW, questions about how to do things in CircuitLab are better asked in the Support or Feature Requests forum.

by OakBloodThree
February 24, 2022

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