Active Antenna Circuit Simulation

I am trying to build a active antenna circuit and there is no receiver source that would at least show me on how it would perform on a radio receiver. Do I have to build a radio receiver circuit just to see how it will perform?

It seems that this simulation software does not work well with RF circuits because you need a transmitter source with at least a 1 kHz tone AM modulated and a signal source and then the active antenna would be best to receive the signal, but there is another problem there is no loop antenna or ferrite rod antenna to receive the signal just plain inductor unless I use a wire. The receiver has to detect the signal from the RF amp circuit and measure the signal strength and give out other measurements. Also the transmitter can be used as a source, but needs to be reduced to weak signal.

Circuit Lab does not have support for this, but we need to work on something like this for RF circuit design.

by gccradioscience
October 08, 2012

I am new to this program and I do have a basic background knowledge about circuitry and the components, but I need help on running the DC sweep and the "run" system. Could you help me out if you wouldn't mind?

by Marek
October 09, 2012


Welcome to CL.

You're lucky I was still in this thread: your post may well have been missed otherwise because it needs to be in it's own thread not in this unrelated one.


Anyhow, have you read this?

Then have a look at how the DC Sweeps are set up in:



You'll find lots of other examples in CL.

by signality
October 09, 2012

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