Basic documentation

Where can I find basic instruction about how to use the circuit drawing capability and the meaning of symbols (for example, what does nB mean as in V(R1.nB)?

by johnredmond
August 15, 2014

There is a page that has a bunch of good beginners stuff and gives an idea what circuit lab can do. I don't know if it covers the V(R1.nB). But quickly, it is V for voltage, or it might be I for current and potentiality other things. Then inside the parentheses it the CL name of the component, then the CL given name of the nodes of that component. so a resistor will have a node nA and nB. Transistors will have 3 nodes. I think its best to give nodes names with the 'node name' tool then I can call it what it is to me

Hope this helped

by Garrett
August 17, 2014

Thanks Garrett. That helps. I'm starting to get the hang of it.


by johnredmond
August 17, 2014

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