Sound Operated Curcuit?

Hey people, I am looking to create a sound activated curcuit to switch between settings on a techtronixs WFM. My question is to any intelligent beings, how would it be possiable to control/switch between four outputs with only one microphone ? Here is a link to the curcuit I am talking about . Any help at all, would be amazing . thanksss

by asawhite
February 06, 2013

You are only a click away from your answer. Click on these circuit and you will get to this page:

Then you have to scroll down till you see the circuit again, and also a lot of text about these circuit ...

by Bertie
February 20, 2013

This might help:

Use a microphone at the input.

Search CL for:

Electret Microphone

Maybe reduce the amplifier stage gain.

Then use the Schmitt Trigger output to clock a 4 bit shift register to cycle round all 4 outputs (a 5 bit register would give an all off state).

by signality
February 21, 2013

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