Super basic wiring question — upgrading from fluorescent bulbs to LEDs

I apologize if this isn't the right place for this post, but I thought the expertise I'm seeking is likely present here.

I'm trying to replace 6 fluorescent bulbs in this cool Internet Access sign with 6 LED tube bulbs. I'd like to remove the ballasts and just directly connect the LEDs.

I've made a diagram of the previous wiring and what I think the new wiring should be and also made a diagram using CircuitLab.

I'd just love to have someone look over my work and make sure that I've got this right so I don't literally electrocute myself! ⚡☠️⚡


P.S. If this isn't the appropriate venue, I'd love to be pointed to the right one!

by chrismessina
June 21, 2020

Why are you going to so much trouble? I had fluorescents in my workshop and simply replaced them with LED tubes, no worry about ballasts. As far as I can see the LED tubes were made for this replacement. And it was so long ago I had forgotten it and still working

by Foxx
June 28, 2020

Because I'm a glutton for punishment?

by chrismessina
June 29, 2020

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