Component request

Two terminal Electret mic. Or some basic equivalent fudge. I was thinking maybe a current signal source in parallel with a resistor? What value do you think?

Love Circuit lab. Thanks guys.

by boriz
April 17, 2012

There y'go ...


by signality
April 17, 2012


by boriz
April 20, 2012

Only just realised that a very simple example was created by the good people at CircuitLab back in November 2011 ...

There's some handy background information in the description here:

by signality
April 22, 2012

Hi Guys, Loving CL a lot! Is it possible to get some pin headers and perhaps some audio jacks? RCA, TS, TRS, TRRS & XLR would be awesome and add an extra nice touch to our audio schematics. Thanks! ~Cola

by colabear8900
June 27, 2012

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