Altering the parameters for LEDs

I am designing a pinout diagram and circuit design for the LED color organ from JAMECO ( They have a 4 OPAMP chip that drives 3 sets of 4 LEDs (yellow, red, and blue). The whole setup is powered by 12v wall wart. I am trying to use circuitlab to design said circuit, but the LED editor is pretty confusing for people like me who are used to working with just forward voltage and forward current. I can't find a guide on the website for converting what I have into data that is usable by the editor. I am not exactly sure as to the exact parameters for the LEDs included in the kit, but, if experience has taught me anything, these should be the proper numbers

Blue Forward voltage: 3.2-3.8 (I always calculate for 3.8) Forward current: 30mA

Yellow Forward voltage: 1.8-2.2 (I always calculate for 2.2) Forward current: 30mA

Red same as yellow

I noticed the previous thread from last year (calculating for anonymous LED), and wasn't able to glean the answer from that. Also, you mentioned that you guys were working on a way to make the editor easier to work with for those folk who use data sheets. When will that come about?

by Kaufeedrinker
March 15, 2013

In :

The Diode parameter:


is swept to vary the forward voltage of the diode.

The plot then shows the forward voltage for 3 different forward currents.

All you have to do is read off the value of N that gives you the forward voltage you need.

Have a read of all the stuff in this thread and the links from it:

by signality
March 15, 2013

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