What's down the road?

Is there a road map of where Circuit Lab is going over the coming months/years? I see that there is a feature request forum but am curious to know the plan to incorporate new features into the tool. Knowing this may help motivate me (an others?) to consider the pay option.

by rlmccormick
June 18, 2013


Good point. That echoes my sentiments in:


"Without even a preview of at least some of these features, I'm not sure that imposing a ban on commercial use, the introduction of watermarked .png, .pdf, etc. exports, and the introduction of some new premium diagramming tools is enough to persuade people to part with $29.99/month.

Whilst adding the opportunity to preview new features and a priority support ticketing system may be of interest to power users, $99.99/month seems like an lot.

People might want at least a trial period of some more functionality before they pay that kind of money."

by signality
June 19, 2013

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