Reducing 24V to 9V

I am trying to charge a 9V battery with a 24V generator so i need to bring the voltage down closer to 9V. what is the best way to do this? With resistors? and if so, what size resistors should i use?

by kylemcclain
November 14, 2013

The answer to your question depends entirely on the battery type.

What type of battery?





by signality
November 15, 2013

just use a diode from the 24v geny giving half wave dc to quick charge the 9v If you use a resistor to slow charge it may need to be a big one on a heatsink ?

by JonnyAudio
November 16, 2013


Depending on the type of battery, your suggestion could result in overcharging the battery with a consequent risk of overheating and - possibly explosive - cell rupture.

by signality
November 17, 2013

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