High Fidelity analog to fiber optic transmitter/receiver

I'm looking for an High Fidelity analog to fiber optic transmitter/receiver circuit

by amedmonds
January 15, 2013

It is possible to directly send analogue signals over fibre but the linearity is not good.

Modulating your analogue signal onto an high frequency carrier with demodulation at the other end is one way to go.

Transmitting a pulse width modulated pulse train is another. Just recover the pulse train at the receiver using a fairly simple comparator circuit and then average the comparator output to recover the analogue signal. The transmitter design is OK for LEDs but can be more tricky if you're using a laser.

Otherwise, it's A to D => PCM => D to A.

by signality
January 15, 2013



high fidelity analog fiber optic



by signality
January 16, 2013

Thank you, I'm on it!

by amedmonds
January 21, 2013

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