Variable resistance

I have a circuit where I would like to vary the resistance of one of my resistors and graph voltage vs resistance. This is similar to a DC sweep? But with a variable resistor instead of variable voltage.

For example, my lab requires me to vary resistance of R from 1k ohm to 10k ohm in increments of 100 ohm.

How can I do this with circuit lab?

Please let me know if my explanation needs further clarification.

by joshua_butler1
October 06, 2015

The circuit:

R1 is the resistor I would like to vary and graph.

by joshua_butler1
October 06, 2015


Set up a DC Sweep, click in the Parameter box and select R1.R.

Then set the start resistance, end resistance and resistance step values.

Then select the voltage at the junction of R1 and R2 (or the current flowing through any of the three comnponents in the circuit).

Then just run the sim.



by signality
October 07, 2015

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