Mosfet Phase Splitter Help

Can anyone help me get a grasp on running a simulation on my mosfet PI ? I am trying to figure out peak to peak.

I have a scope but I would rather simulate it if I could prior to building it.

by jneely71
June 25, 2015


When asking for help on a circuit in CL, it is a good idea to post a link to that circuit from the CL description page. Like this:

That way people don't have to go to your profile page to see if you have made the circuit public, go to the description page, and then open it.

Now, your have made two mistakes in your simulation.

(1) You have put the Out and Out2 net name labels onto the ground net so you cannot see those probes in the list of probes in the simulaton setup panel.

They will be at 0V anyway.

(2) You have put spaces in both net name labels. CL will warn you about that. Spaces are not allowed in net and component names and values.

So, edit the netname labels to remove the spaces (don't forget the trailing spaces!) then move the net labels onto the junctions of the output caps and the load resistors, C3 & R5 and C2 & R6.

Then go to the simulation setup panel and click on the newly placed Out and Out2 labels to add them to the list of signals you want to view.

Then, to get a clearer display, edit the Time Domain simulation setup to:

Stop Time = 10m Time Step = 10u

Now run a Time Domain (a.k.a transient) sim.



by signality
June 26, 2015

Thank you for the help. Got it going.

by jneely71
June 26, 2015

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