Hello, I've been playing around with this software for a few days. Mostly I've been trying to recreate the circuits that we make during labs. I'm studying to be an HVACR technician. I've come to quite a stopping point with your transformers. Quite frankly I'm surprised that there is a problem. The inputs on your transformers are probably only necessary for designing a transformer. That's great for some people, but what about for us students? I've tried and tried and I cannot figure out how to simulate a basic 120vac to 24vac step-down transformer. I've looked at a few examples in other forum posts and they did not help. I don't want to learn how to calculate the impedance or resistance in the coil. I want to be able to take a popular component from any number of component-selling websites, and insert IT and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT into my circuit. If I can go to the store and buy it and put it into an air cond. unit, without knowing anything about the impedance or resistance of the coil, then I want to also be able to simulate that same component in this software. I don't just want this for myself, I want this for my classmates and the program at my school.

Any help would be appreciated. I will share the circuit I got stuck on below.

Thank you.

by Guardian504
September 20, 2016

If it's just a little control power transformer you're talking about you probably don't need impedance data. For the 120 to 24 vac example you describe why not simply use a voltage controlled voltage source block with the k set at 0.2. Then for 120v in you will get 120*0.2 = 24 volts out. This will apply for ac any hertz and dc.

by Foxx
March 29, 2018

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