rf transceiver

Hi, I'm urvang , first year engineering student and wanted to know if rf transceiver can be simulated on this software. I'm not very much interested in pcb layout of the rf transceiver. But i just want to check if the rf transceiver can be simulated using the components: transceiver chip (CC1101) , rf switch (RF3025) , power amplifier (MM209312B) . Since I am new to this software I would like to have your suggestions on how to proceed. If you could also help me give a few suggestions about the software rf sim 99 , I would be highly grateful to you. Thank you.

by urvang
April 06, 2012

CircuitLab is more for simple simulations, a complex RF circuit is a whole lot more than it's designed for.

Plus RF circuits are difficult to simulate-- a lot of the actual performance depends on things that are not a part of a simple simulator-- the simulation of the dielectric properties of the PC board, the simulation of PC board traces as transmission lines, the mutual coupling effects, skin effect, radiation, shielding, waveguide effects under the shielding, the properties of the antenna, the effects of objects and the ground near the antenna, and much more.

by arduinohacker
April 06, 2012

Hi, is it possible to simulate electrical circuits here? like those used in ships inorder to understand better at work ? Thnaks...


by enriqueronald
September 04, 2012



by signality
September 05, 2012

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